Weddings and Marriage

The pastors of Four Oaks and our facility are available for weddings and pre-marital counseling.

Pre-marital Counseling

We consider marriage to be a high calling of eternal significance and thus we take the marital process very seriously before the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that God has entrusted us as leaders with an incredible stewardship and responsibility to care for and walk alongside those who are considering marriage. Our desire is to be able to have a clear conscience before Him that we have biblically prepared couples with the wisdom and tools necessary to walk righteously before him in their new lives together.

Click here to download our pre-marital counseling policy manual.

Working with a Four Oaks Pastor

Our pastors are available to perform pre-marital counseling and officiate weddings, subject to each one’s personal availability. Contact the church office if you would like more information on meeting with one of our pastors.

Using our Facility

Four Oaks’ facility is available for weddings of its members and the children of its members. Requests for facility use by someone who is not a member will be considered for approval by the pastoral team on a case by case basis.

Click here to download our Facility Request for Wedding form.

For additional information, please contact the church office at (850) 385-0004.